Hundreds of Afghan Army soldiers killed by wrong blood type injections: Report

Hundreds of Afghan Army soldiers killed by wrong blood type injections: Report

KABUL - In a startling revelations it has been reported that hundreds of Afghan Army soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan after being injected with wrong blood types injections.

The Special Inspector General For Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in its recent report has said that many wounded Afghan National Army (ANA) personnel lose their lives due to wrong blood type injections.

The report highlights blood collection and screening procedure in the ANA emphasizing that knowing the blood types of the personnel is critical for sustainability of the ANA to inject the correct blood type to them when needed.

The report says that knowing the blood type of the soldiers and having them recorded is also necessary to protect the soldiers against infectious diseases.

According to the report, thousands of ANA personnel have been recruited without their blood being tested or their blood type have been typed wrongly.

“An advisor assisting ANA personnel at Afghan National Army Recruiting Command told us that he was aware that ANA soldiers have been killed from receiving the wrong type of blood when injured in combat,” said the report.

“We completely reject this, because it is impossible to send our soldiers to their departments without determining their blood type. The country is in war and this is very necessary,” Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri told TOLOnews on Friday.

The report highlights that in 2017, between January and July, at least 15,400 new personnel recruited in the ANA did not have their blood tested.

According to the report, blood type of at least nine percent of the total ANA force has remained confirmed.