Pak - Australia: Australia stands with Pakistan in fight against terrorism: High Commissioner

Pak - Australia: Australia stands with Pakistan in fight against terrorism: High Commissioner

Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson has said that Australia as ever stands shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan to counter in battle against violence, extremism and terrorism. 

While speaking here at the premises of Australian High Commission Margaret Adamson said, "Australia is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse nations in the world, where a migrant arrives to start a new life every 1 minute and 29 seconds.

Almost 400 different languages, including indigenous languages, are spoken collectively by Australia's 24 million people, and an estimated 75 per cent of Australia's population identify with an ancestry other than Australian."

Adamson said that over 55,000 people of Pakistani origin are living and working in Australia. These people-to-people links and a shared diversity of culture strengthen the Australia-Pakistan relationship, she added.

She said that Pakistan has also tremendously rich culture, diversifying from Sindhi Ajrak to Kalash dresses, music of Gilgit Baltistan, folk dancers, music, Punjabi Bhangara, which all are beautiful. Rich and vibrant history and culture, Pakistan is home of oldest civilizations of the world, historical sites of Moenjo Daro, Taxila, Harapa and Swat.

Religions of Buddhist, Sikhs, Hindus, Mughals heritages, Sufi Islam and Sufi music have also flourished in the region. It is sadly reminded that those want wish to damage or destroy rich cultural diversity of Pakistan to extremism and violence. Widely important for community of nations to protect and defend to safe and secure heritage for future generations and foundation of collective global civility and resilience.

Speaking on the occasion, Federal Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir Khan said that Pakistan is committed with Australia-Pakistan relations.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharrif last week attended the Holi festival, celebration of Hindu community and mentioned that Pakistan belongs to all and what ever the religion of the citizen, culture or language, color of skin, the soil is shared.

He said, Australia is valued partner of Pakistan, both countries relations include not just only playing cricket and hockey but diverse fields. Pakistan is direct beneficiary of Australian knowledge and both courtiers are cooperating in cultural too. He hoped that this partnership will further flourish in diverse fields.