Amjad Sabri : Who silenced the powerful Pakistani Voice ?

Amjad Sabri : Who silenced the powerful Pakistani Voice ?

KARACHI: Famous Qawal Amjad Sabri was shot dead by unknown assailant in Liaquatabad area here on Wednesday.

Three other persons were injured seriously in the firing incident and rushed to a nearby hospital.

According to police, Amjad Sabri was seriously injured when the gunman opened fire on his car and he died on the way to hospital.

Reportedly Amjad Sabri was shot with 5 bullets which were sprayed at his face and head. He could not sustain the fatal injuries.


Amjad Sabri was born on December 23, 1976 in Karachi. His father Ghulam Farid Sabri was a legendary Qawal of his time and Amjad Sabri started his music carrier at the age of nine as he inherited the talent from his father and Uncle.


The Trade marks of the Sabri family were the famous Qawalis "TAJDAR E HARAM" and " BHAR DO JHOLI ".


The demise of Amjad Sabri has left millions of his fans across Pakistan and through out the world with sorrow and grief. His funeral prayers are being offered in Karachi on Thursday.


However the most pertinent question raised by his fans and followers is that who killed Amjad Sabri .


Karachi Police claims it to be another case of Target killing to spoil the peace of Karachi.


However the most important point which is being missed by the investigators of the Amjad Javaid Sabri cold murder at this point of time is the threat call which reportedly he was receiving for last few days.


Amjad Javaid Sabri had the copyrights of the above mentioned Qawwali "BHAR DO JHOLI". The qawwali is one of the most popular Qawwali not only in Pakistan but in entire subcontinent. The said Qawali is being reproduced in the Indian controversial film "Bajrangi Bhaijan".


"Bajrangi BhaiJan" is the controversial Indian Bollywood movie which had been banned in Pakistan over its content.


Amjad Sabri was reportedly annoyed over the issue of unauthorised use of his trademark Qawwali in the Indian Bollywood movie and had initiated the process of suing the Director of the movie Kabir Khan .


Kabir Khan was perturbed over the issue of copyrights by the famous Qawal Amjad Sabri as he had to face legal proceedings and fine worth crores over illegal use of the Qawwali as per the Indian and International Law.


Reportedly Kabir Khan had also visited Karachi few weeks ago to attend some cultural event on invitation of Pakistani organisation (Reportedly Geo and Jang group had invited him to Kaachi).


Since then Amjad Sabri had received threat calls and reportedly had asked the Police for personal security, however Karachi police is not confirming the request for security assistance.


Karachi Police should investigate the case from this angle also as the copyrights money of the above mentioned Qawwali could have been in Crores of Indian Rupees.


Lately Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan has claimed the responsibly of the killing however it could not be verified by the independent sources. However the connections of the TTP with the indians are not hidden and TTP paid assassins could have been hired for the above mentioned purpose.


The issue of the Amjad Sabri demise must be investigated from this angle also and the culprit must be booked where where it may be.


Who silenced the most powerful Pakistani voice, Nation would like to have the answer.







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