Amjad Javaid Sabri: The demise of Qawwali Maestro

Amjad Javaid Sabri: The demise of Qawwali Maestro

Alas, I am deeply saddened over the demise of a Qawwali maestro and admirable human being Amjad sabri, who shot dead in Karachi today. It is no doubt tragic news for the whole country that made everybody cry. Sacrifice after sacrifice but we are unable to cope out this uncertain situation of our country.


Pakistanis are still sacrificing their lives day and night for attainment of peace but in vain. Like many other families, family of Amjad Sabri received condolences from many politicians and stake holders of country but nothing will bring back Sabri.

Since many decades we are suffering from terrorism and target killings but still unable to put the last nail in the coffin of terrorism. Many efforts at different levels are in process and every day we feel that we are near ending this cancer but same day ends up with such tragic news. But our hopes are high and will see a peaceful Pakistan soon, In Shaa Allah.


Amjad Sabri inherited the talent of Qawwali from his father and teacher Ghulam Fareed Sabri who was a legendary Qawwal himself. Born on December 23 1970 and started learning Qawwali from his father. He started performing on stage with his father at the age of 12 years. We have seen Amjad Sabri enjoying himself to the fullest while performing.


There is a long list of Qawwalis and mystic poetry on his account. Bhar Do Jholi and Tajdare Haram were the most famous among all. No doubt following lines are the most favorite of everyone.


Although he was a son of a famous and legend father but no doubt he has made his own recognition by skillfully utilizing his soulful and soothing voice. He performed all over the world and received enormous appreciation from all.


In 2015 he received Pakistan achievement awards UK and Europe for the best Qawwal. Everybody is mourning upon the death of legendary Amjad Sabri because they love him so much. May Allah (S.W.T) grant him elevated ranks in Jannah. Aamen


Author : Dr. Nabeel Alvi is a free lance writer

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