Punjabi literature being written today is energetic, diverse,influential:Shafqat Mahmood july 23, 2020

Punjabi literature being written today is energetic, diverse,influential:Shafqat Mahmood july 23, 2020

ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) on Thursday held an online seminar on "Translations of World Literature in Punjabi Language". Talking to the seminar  Shafqat Mahmood, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training & National Heritage said that  in every period of history, the creative activity of writers in Pakistani languages has flourished and at the same time, the translations of foreign literature have enriched Pakistani literature.                              

He said that there is a tradition of translation in the Punjabi language in which great writers have also worked.

Shafqat Mehmood said that translation is fresh air for Gulestan Adab of any language and works as fresh blood for the body.

He said the translation is a window that brings new air, fragrances from other cultures and fragrances another language. 

While translation adorns literature with gems of other languages, it also ignites rage the minds and tastes of readers and writers,he stated.

He said that translation provides information on intellectual and scientific progress and literary landscape all over the world adding that It enhances the understanding of life and develops a way of behaving.                           

He said that Punjabi literature is very rich and fertile which started in the twelfth century AD with the poetry of Baba Farid.

He said that the Punjabi literature being written today is energetic, diverse and influential and is one of the foremost literatures in the world literary scene.           He further said that the process of translation is an evolutionary process by which different civilizations, societies and cultures are transferred to another language as well as knowledge and arts and scholars are irrigated with new sources.

Shafqat Mahmood said that through translation, positive attitudes and thoughts about historical consciousness and the continuous evolutionary process of history develop and  different civilizations, culture, history and civilization can be understood.                                  

The seminar of the PAL on this subject is important and is a good step by the chairman Dr. Yousuf Khushk,he stated.

Dr. Yousuf Khoshk, Chairman, PAL said that the usefulness and importance of translation in the fields of literature and culture have become clear. The translation of creative literature from one language to another has become an effective means of close association with other civilizations,he stated.

He said that the regional languages of Pakistan today are a mirror of the national culture of the region and those familiar with the regional languages are taking a keen interest in the promotion of their local languages.

Parveen Malik said that translation is the most effective means of introducing literature and scientific progress written in any language to other cultures and nations.                   

All institutions must take special steps concerning translation so that we know what topics are being discussed around the world,she stated.