Ironic that scion of corrupt Zardari family raising fingers towards incumbent regime: Murad Saeed july 23, 2020

Ironic that scion of corrupt Zardari family raising fingers towards incumbent regime: Murad Saeed july 23, 2020

ISLAMABAD-Minister for Communications and Postal Services, Murad Saeed said on Thursday it was  ironic that Pakistan People’s Party ( PPP)  Chairman Bilawal Bhutto  Zardari  whose entire family was facing cases of corruption and money laundering was accusing others of corruption.

Addressing a press conference here, he said that in a JIT report  of recently made public sugar scam, Zardari's name was mentioned as his mills were given subsidy by Sindh government. He said it was an open secret  that funds allocated for the welfare of the Sindh people were transferred in the accounts of Asif  Zardari and Faryal Talpur but

now his son had made fun of his family by raising  fingers towards the incumbent regime.

He said that Bilawal  had no courage to listen to the speech of a PTI worker in the National Assembly, and like the past today  left the house in a hurry after raising quorum.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, he said, was imposed on the PPP as its chairman without any training in politics, and  he did not know that political parties were answerable to the masses and media as this was the essence of democratic process.

Murad Saeed said that after 50 years, during the past one year Kashmiri issue had been discussed in the UN Security Council twice which was the proof that the Kashmir case had been successfully advocated by Prime Minister Imran Khan at international forums. The minister said that if some legislation was being  done in line with ICJ rules, there was no need to make it controversial. He reminded Bilawal it was the statement of Nawaz Sharif which India used for its

benefit at the ICJ. He said the people of Pakistan remembered the departure from Pakistan of Raymond Davis during the PPP rule that had killed Pakistani nationals in broad daylight. He also reminded that Wiki leaks had exposed the duplicity of the PPP leaders as it said that Asif Zardari had given go ahead to US forces for drone attacks.

He said that Pakistan today was known for tourism, not terrorism and its credit goes to the present government.

He said it was Imran Khan who contested the case of Islam, Pakistan and Kashmir at the international foray, whereas in the past they surrendered before the demand of " do more".

Murad Saeed said Bilawal had challenged the PTI for debate and he had accepted the challenge which was promptly accepted as the PTI was ready to be accountable for its 7 year rule in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa whereas the PPP

would be answerable for it's over three decade rule in Sindh. He challenged  Bilawal to decide whether he would hold a debate in the National Assembly, any public rally or at any news channel.

He said that everyone knew that Karachi was being systematically destroyed by PPP. He said that Karachi's contribution to Pakistan has been phenomenal but PPP has devastated it.

Taking about the sugar scam, he said that for the first time such an inquiry was conducted and its findings were made public and its credit went to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said that the policies of last governments of Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had ruined public sector institutions including PIA, and Pakistan Steel Mills during the era of Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif.

He said that Bilawal was demanding closure of the National Accountability Bureau as they wanted license to commit corruption without any fear of accountability but the PTI will never allow their dream to become a reality.

He said that flour prices had increased in the country as a huge quantity of wheat was stolen from Sindh godowns which created shortage of the commodity.

To a question he said that many road infrastructure projects were being built in Sindh and work on Sukkur- Hyderabad Motorway would begin soon.

He said that Pakistan Post has shown a great turn around during PTI rule as its revenue has reached Rs 19 billion  from 10 billion  in the PML- N era. He said that for the first time pensioners were delivered their pensions at her doorstep by Pakistan Post.