Trump's resolve to strengthen ties with Pakistan irks Indian media

Trump's resolve to strengthen ties with Pakistan irks Indian media

KARACHI: Appreciating Pakistan's help in its efforts for bringing peace to Afghanistan, US president Donald Trump vowed to strengthen  ties with Islamabad during his meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House on Monday.

Soon after  Imran-Trump's historic meeting that  opened new vistas of  opportunities  between Pakistan and US to mend   fractured relations, Indian media as usual lost its cool and unnecessarily started playing gooseberry to sabotage the ongoing  face  between two countries.

In his historic remarks, Trump said that the US is willing to invest in Pakistan and sees great trade relationship between the two countries. He also said that Pakistanis are “very talented people” and he has many Pakistani friends in New York.

Indian media's unnecessary anger on the affairs suggests as it was not expecting such a great respect for the PM Imran Khan from President Trump.

"Well, thank you very much. It’s my great honor to have the very popular and, by the way, great athlete — one of the greatest — but very popular Prime Minister of Pakistan," said Trump.

Us President's right move to strengthen bilateral relations  between the two countries  proved to be a blow to Indian media that unnecessarily criticised  the ongoing  efforts of the two leaders to  resolve  the pending issues amicably  and enhance trade to boost ties. 

"We have many things to discuss: military and terrorism and trade. And I think we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about trade because we do very little trade with Pakistan compared to what we could be doing and should be doing when our countries really get along perfectly. And I think we’re having that start. We’re going to have that start,"  Said US President.