Melania Trump tweets upon arrival of Pakistan PM Imran Khan in White House

Melania Trump tweets upon arrival of Pakistan PM Imran Khan in White House

WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump Wife Melania Trump on Monday tweeted that its great to have Pakistan PM Imran Khan in White House today. Trump during meeting with Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan—has offered to mediate Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India.

“India’s Modi has also sought Washington’s help on Kashmir dispute”, Trump told PM Khan in meeting.

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Linking financial aid with better ties, President Trump stated that if matters [between US and Pakistan] are solved, financial aid [to Pakistan] can be restored. “But all of that can come back, depending upon what we work out”, maintained Trump.

The premier told President Trump that Pakistan will make efforts to convince Afghan Taliban to sit on negotiation table with Afghanistan government. He said, “We hope Afghan Taliban will sit on negotiation table for peace.”

“I can win this war [Afghan war] in a week. I don’t just want to kill ten million people. We are working with Pakistan and others to extricate ourselves”, Trump was quoted as saying.

"Pakistan is helping us a lot now on Afghanistan," he said.

We will be talking about India and Afghanistan very much, Trump told reporters. He told reporters that US does not want to be a policeman in the region.

President Trump also expressed his wish to tour Pakistan.

On the other hand, PM Imran Khan reiterated that solution to Afghanistan issue is only through dialogue.

Prime Minister Imran told reporters that there was only one solution for Afghanistan and remarked that a peace deal with the Taliban was closer than it had ever been.

"This is the closest we have ever come," he said, saying he agreed with Trump that a military 'solution' to the Afghan war would result in a catastrophic loss of lives.

"I can assure you here today that Pakistan will always be straightforward with you. More than any other country; peace in Afghanistan is in Pakistan’s interest. We get directly affected by it. Pakistan needs stability", Imran Khan told Trump.