Govt committed to turn country into welfare state: PM

Govt committed to turn country into welfare state: PM

Prime Minster Imran Khan says PTI government's vision is to turn the country into a welfare state on the pattern of Riyasat-i-Madina.

Addressing gathering of Pakistani community at Capital One Arena in Washington DC today, he said principles of state of Madina were compassion, justice, rule of law, and looking after the women, children and elderly.

Imran Khan said in Naya Pakistan everyone is accountable and there could not be two separate laws for rich and poor.

He said merit and equality for all is our vision of Naya Pakistan where level playing field will be provided to every citizen. He said democracy has flourished because of meritocracy and accountability.

Talking about the debt of the country, he said Pakistan was looted by previous governments and its debt raised from six thousand billion to thirty thousand billion rupees in just last ten years.He said PTI government inherited huge debt and the national institutions were sinking in loss.

He said in Naya Pakistan public office holders are being held accountable. This is the real change and our country will become a welfare state.

The Prime Minister reiterated that he would not give NRO to plunderers and showed firm resolve to carry forward the process of accountability without being subdued to any pressure or blackmailing.

He said government has reached to agreements with different countries on the basis of which it will bring back the looted money stashed abroad. He said National Accountability Bureau, FIA and other institutions are independent.

He said there are three parallel education systems in Pakistan, PTI government is striving to bring uniform syllabus so that every person can have an equal opportunity. He said students of Madrasas will also be brought into mainstream.

Imran Khan said Pakistan is blessed with minerals but the thing hinders us from their exploration is corruption. He said international companies are well aware of these treasures but they are reluctant to come in Pakistan because of corruption.

He said that he has given direction to investigate Reko Diq case in which Pakistan fined by World Bank.

The Prime Minister said his stance on Afghan solution is being endorsed today and world has understood that there is no military solution for the issue. He pledged that Pakistan will transform and rise every year.

A video package on Imran Khan's struggle for Pakistan was also showed before the audience.

Earlier, National anthems of United States of America and Pakistan were also played.

Addressing gathering of Pakistani community at Capital One Arena in Washington DC today, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi says Pakistan desires peace and stability in the region.

He said Pakistan has successfully curbed the menace of terrorism and peaceful elections in erstwhile FATA, terrorism affected area, are the beginning of development and prosperity.

The Minister said Pakistan will continue to support Afghan peace process for regional stability.

He said we are here in US today with a dream of peace and stability for the region.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Prime Minister Imran Khan will share with Us President Donald Trump, the roadmap of Naya Pakistan.

Acknowledging overseas Pakistani's contribution in economy of the country, he said remittances in the last fiscal year have increased nine to ten percent. He said donations of overseas Pakistanis enabled Imran Khan to build a state of the art cancer hospital and a university. 

The Minister said Pakistan welcomes the world to take benefit of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and it is open for investment and business.

The massive reception in public gathering for Prime Minister Imran Khan became the top trend #PMIKJalsaInUSA on Twitter in World.

Live coverage of the event was also broadcast on official facebook page of PTI.