Hundreds of Pakistani passengers stuck in China

Hundreds of Pakistani passengers stuck in China

BEIJING - Hundreds of Pakistanis have been stuck in China due to the dispute between Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Shaheen Air International (SAI) recently.

The CAA stopped all SAI international flights over non-payment of dues, and as a consequence flight no. NL-892 (Lahore to Guangzhou) was stopped from proceeding back home at the last minute. Due to this move, about 300 Pakistanis who booked their flight way back home are stuck in Guangzhou, China.

All of the passengers are stuck in China. Some passengers’ visas expired as well, leading Chinese authorities to confine them to their hotel.

These passengers have recorded a video, calling on the Chief of Army Staff and Chief Justice Of Pakistan to listen to their demands and ensure their safe return home.

SAI spokesperson Zohaib Hassan told ProPakistani that more than 72 hours have passed, yet the CAA has not given them permission to operate flight the flight from China. However, many CAA officers said that permission to operate the flight was given but no written order was issued so far. About 300 passengers are still stuck in China.

“SAI has checked-in its passengers at a hotel, taking care of them. However, they wish to return home as soon as possible. Our management is in contact with CAA but no permission has been given for the flight as I talk with you,” Zohaib told.

CAA spokesperson told ProPakistani that it is considering allowing SAI to fly a flight back “on humanitarian grounds.”

Over the question of whether a written order will be delivered to the SAI in this regard, CAA’s spokesperson replied in the affirmative.

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