Attack on PPP leader convoy, one killed with thirty injured

Attack on PPP leader convoy, one killed with thirty injured

ISLAMABAD - Opposition Leader in Senate Senator Sherry Rehman condemned the attack on PPP’s convoy in Khairpur, which took the life of one party worker and left 30 others injured - including PPP’s candidate for PS-32 Nawab Wasan and NA-210 Khairpur III candidate, Javeed Shah Gillani.

In a statement issued on Monday, Sherry Rehman said, “I offer my sincerest condolences to the family of Yasir Kalhoro and prayers for the speedy recovery for the injured. Your service in the name of democracy will not go to vain.”

The senator expressed her dismay at the lack of security during the election season. She said, “This bout of violence in the run up to the election is sadly aimed at undermining our democracy and deterring people from being active participants in the democratic process.”

She further said that it was unacceptable and extremely alarming that candidates, regardless of their party affiliation, are being mobbed, harassed and threatened in their rallies and meetings while banned organizations are being mainstreamed.

She added, “We have raised the issue of election related violence and lack of security before the ECP and on the floor of the House in Senate several times over the course of this election cycle. Yet, here we are, with headlines of election related violence almost every day. I respect the bravery and commitment shown by candidates and campaign workers to carry on with their campaign activities.”

The PPP leader further stated, “This election is pivotal to Pakistan’s democratic transition which must adhere to terms outlined in the Constitution. I hope that on the 25th, we witness a violence free polling day and the people of Pakistan turn out to exercise their right to vote.”

“More people are registered to vote now than the last election and the number of women registered to vote has also remarkably increased. These are the fundamentals that strengthen our young and fragile democracy. This must be celebrated and hopefully will be reflected in the voting turn out,” she concluded.