Transparency International Global Report 2019: Pakistan gets an unexpected surprise

Transparency International Global Report 2019: Pakistan gets an unexpected surprise

ISLAMABAD - Transparency International’s global report for 2019 shows that Pakistani people think the country is now more corrupt than before.

Transparency International issued its global report on the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) link puts Pakistan even lower in 2019 as compared to last year.

It must be noted that Transparency International launches a corruption “perception” index which is not a measure of corruption (considerably harder) in a country.

This index measures how corrupt people think public sector institutions are.

According to the report, Pakistan has gone down slightly in the ‘Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2019’, with a score of 32 out of 100 — one point less than the one in 2018 pushing Pakistan down to 120 in the index. Last year it was ranked at 117th. Since 2010, this is the first time Pakistan did worse than before. ------------------------------

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2019 reveals a staggering number of countries are showing little to no improvement in tackling corruption. The report suggests that reducing big money in politics and promoting inclusive political decision-making are essential to curb corruption.

With doubts over the decisions regarding top politicians who were considered corrupt, Pakistan was bound to go down even further.

The CPI scores 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, according to experts and business people. 100 is very clean while 0 is considered highly corrupt.

This year’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) shows corruption is more prevalent in countries where big money can flow freely into electoral campaigns and where governments listen only to the voices of the wealthy or well-connected individuals.

More than two-thirds of countries scored below 50 on this year’s CPI, with an average score of just 43, said the report.