PM Imran Khan responds over Sahiwal Encounter JIT Report

PM Imran Khan responds over Sahiwal Encounter JIT Report

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Wednesday has responded over the Sahiwal encounter JIR Report.

PM Khan has directed to put forward suggestions for the reforms in Punjab police department after Sahiwal incident.

According to details, Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) report declaring Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) responsible for the mishap has been presented to the premier.

The report also stated that several officials including department’s head have been changed.

Earlier, a high-level meeting presided by Chief Minister of Punjab (CM) Buzdar reviewed the JIT report that said that CTD officials could have checked the car after it stopped however; criminal negligence was demonstrated in the entire operation. ------------------------------

JIT had requested more time from the government for completion of probe. It said that the investigation will be taken ahead in the light of statements and evidences.

The CTD however; stood on its statement regarding Zeeshan.