Heavy rains, snowfall badly hit life in AJK

Heavy rains, snowfall badly hit life in AJK

MIRPUR (AJK): Life badly disrupted in various parts of AJK the second successive day due to torrential rains in plains and the snowfall at upper reaches.

Vehicular Traffic in snow-clad Leepa and Neelam vallies as well as Mahmood Galli – Abbaspur road in Poonch division was lying suspended at various sections due to heavy snowfall since last evening.

Daily life disrupted in Forward Kahota following the breakdown of electricity due to worsening weather conditions in the heavy rains-hit town which was continuing till last reports came in.

As a result of seasons’ first heavy intermittent rains and snow-fall on the upper reaches of Neelam and Leepa vallies as well as various parts of the mountainous capital city of Muzaffarabad and Bagh districts of AJK since Monday, these

were badly affected through land routes, official sources confirmed.

Various parts of AJK including the states’ metropolis Muzaffarabad and Mirpur districts lashed with the much-predicted first intermittent heavy rainfall of the season on Monday and Tuesday which affected the normal life.

Various snow-clad upper reaches of Bagh district were also dislinked following land-sliding, due to heavy rains at Sudhangalli, the sources said.

Mirpur lashed with the heavy downpour the second successive day coupled with wind storm since which was continuing intermittently till tonight affecting the electricity, roads and telecommunication system in various areas of the district. There were also reports of uprooting of trees and electricity poles at several kacha places in the division because of the wind storm.

Telecommunication and electricity system was particularly affected as a result of the rainfall which continued whole the day Tuesday with pause. Kacha houses were also partially affected in various areas.

Various top mountainous parts of liberated territory of AJK is in the grip of intermittent heavy rains coupled with snow fall at some peaks since late Thursday which had partially affected the routine.The roads were damaged due to land sliding where heavy snow-fall was reported with pause during the said period.

The stormy rains and snowfall also made the weather more chilled in various top mountainous parts of AJK including Leepa and Neelam vallies.

The laborers engaged in the construction were also considered to be the most affected community because of the heavy downpour which was continued intermittently in various other parts of AJK. More rains and snowfall on upper reaches of AJK expected during next 24 hours, according to experts.