US Air Force deploys new bombers in Afghanistan against Afghan Taliban

US Air Force deploys new bombers in Afghanistan against Afghan Taliban

<link>KABUL - The US Air Force has reportedly deployed the A-10 planes to provide close-air support to the Afghan and US forces as the counter-terrorism operations gain momentum in the restive parts of the country.

The planes reportedly arrived in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan on Friday and shortly started operations by providing close-air support to the security forces on the ground.

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Harrigian, head of U.S. Air Forces Central Command, in a statement to Fox News, has said “As we’ve applied increased pressure on the Taliban and their revenue sources with precision airpower, we’ve gained considerable momentum in our effort to force them to reconcile or face defeat.”

“As U.S. advisors move closer to the front lines in support of our Afghan partners, this additional airpower will give them the decisive advantage necessary to advance with confidence,” he added.

This comes as the commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission and the US forces in Afghanistan Gen. John Nicholson said late in December last year that the attacks on Taliban financial engine will continue as heavy losses have been inflicted on the group and its associated in recent raids.

“In just over three days’ worth of operations, the Afghan 215th Corps, their special forces commandos, their air force, in close cooperation with U.S. forces, removed between $7 million and $10 million of revenue from the Taliban’s pocketbook,” Gen. Nicholson said.

He also added “And the overall cost to the drug trafficking organizations approached $48 million. So these strikes were just the first step in attacking the Taliban’s financial engine, and they will continue.”