PM Imran Khan makes big announcement for the police department

PM Imran Khan makes big announcement for the police department

The government wants to provide the Islamabad police health cards and affordable housing, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Wednesday, announcing the provision of both to facilitate the law enforcers of the federal capital city.

Addressing a passing parade at the Police Line Headquarters in Islamabad, the premier paid tribute to officials and said that no nation can prosper without proper law and order situations and that the lives and property of the nation should be protected at all costs.

“The army is the protector of borders and the police are the protector of common citizens,” he said, stressing the government will do its best to increase the salaries of the Islamabad police.

He lamented law enforcers were not given due respect because of Pakistan's history under British rule “I want the nation to respect and like police officials. I want to see ‘Nayi police in Naya Pakistan’. I want you to make the common citizens the VIPs of the country.” he stressed.

Touching upon the changes brought to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police during the ruling tenure of the PTI-government, the premier said the position of police officers miserable when PTI formed its government in the province. “But, later came a time when the public took out processions in support of police and I was proud to see such a drastic change,” he added.

Agreeing that the salaries of Islamabad police officials is not enough and the salaried class of the country usually struggles to make ends meet, PM Khan said honesty and sincerity are the most important traits of nations that prosper despite hurdles and unfavourable circumstances.

“We will consider raising the salaries of the Islamabad police but I have to consult my ministries to take the final decision,” he added.