Afghanistan Presidential election results take a new turn

Afghanistan Presidential election results take a new turn

*ISLAMABAD - Some minutes after the announcement of the presidential election results by the IEC, the campaign team of Abdullah Abdullah announced that they do not accept these ‘false’ results.*

Earlier on Sunday, the IEC finally announced the preliminary results of the Afghan presidential election, based on which, Ashraf Ghani topped the list with more than 50% of the votes. This announcement was followed by mixed reactions by the electoral teams.

The Abdullah’s team solidly rejected the announced results and stressed that they will not give up on their stand. They claim that the IEC ignored to clear the 300,000 controversial votes.

“We guarantee to the people of Afghanistan that we will not accept the results which come from ‘Fraud’. We will stay on our stand and get our rights with any possible and legal means,” said Farida Momand a member of Abdullah’s campaign team.

Apart from Abdullah’s side, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s team also showed their contradiction to the announced results.

“When the IEC announced the results, it was pretty clear that they were doing it by command as they were very frightened,” said Mufti Hafiz Rahman Naqi the second deputy of Hekmatyar’s electoral ticket.