China donates books to Pakistan Embassy College Beijing

China donates books to Pakistan Embassy College Beijing

KARACHI (APP): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China has donated books and educational materials to Pakistan Embassy College Beijing.

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According to press release recieved here Friday, a delegation from Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Deputy Director General Ms. Hou Yanqi visited Pakistan Embassy College Beijing and attended the Books Donation ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan Ambassador to China Masood Khalid stressed upon the need of inculcating strong reading habits in the children as there was no substitute to book reading to acquire knowledge.

He thanked the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the gift which testified to time tested friendship between China and Pakistan.

Ms. Hou Yanqi said that 2016 marks the 65th anniversary of Pak-China diplomatic relationship, and Chinese Foreign Ministry selected Pakistan Embassy College Beijing as the first school to receive this gift as a manifestation of abiding Pak-China friendship which is the top priority of Chinese foreign policy.

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This school is not only a bridge between Pakistan and China, but a bridge with rest of the world and was also reflective of the history of Pak-China relationship, she said.