Pakistani scientist couple in Australia makes first under water drone company

SYDNEY: Pakistani scientist couple underwater drones company established in Australia, which is submerged underwater drone on research and mapping is underway. Australia Pakistani scientist Ahsan Nasir marine, while a doctorate in robotics, his wife, Hina Ahsan data analysis Masters, the third member of their team who is from Afghanistan Masood Naqshbandi is expert in sensor technology and the fourth member, Ibrahim Lebanese-Australian who is the civil engineer and now four are Australian citizens. Nasir Ahsan was born in the hills of the Himalayas in Pakistan favor the rivers and lakes there watching them learn and to measure the depth of thought, For this dream to work in the water and studied on the robots and become its expert because only a few people in the world who specializes in this new sector. They cost billions of dollars to develop the underwater robot ‘nautilus’ run through the bottom of the ocean warm water to remove natural chimneys (thermal winds) who had been researching that there is the extraordinary depth of the sea. Another robot Ahsan Nasir connected to nautilus ‘Hercules’ and run, it took amazing pictures of the deepest sea. (The Australian)