Muslims hold collective prayers outside Donald Trump office in New York, USA

WASHINGTON: Dozens of Muslim demonstrators prayed outside Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump's offices and campaign headquarters in NY on Sunday during a protest against the candidate's rhetoric, according to Mail Online. "I'm against everything that he represents". They accused the billionaire businessman of "racism" and "fascism", waving anti-Trump placards and raising slogans in front of Trump Tower on New York's Fifth Avenue. Donald Trump is an Islamophobe and hates Muslims and fears them and is ignorant of what Islam is and he is parlaying that, exploiting that to rise to the top of the Republican primary contest and he's right now that 40 percent of the approval of the Republican electorate . He is using Islamophobia to do that and his main proposal so far that aroused so much controversy is refusing to allow any Muslims to enter the United States and even sometimes he said that that it would include U.S. citizens who are Muslims as well. Before the start of the demonstration, Muslims offered their Zuhr prayers.