Indian BSF jet crashes in Delhi kills all ten onboard

NEW DELHI: Ten personnel of the Border Security Force (BSF) were killed this morning as a small plane crashed near the Delhi airport just after take-off. All on board, including three officers and seven senior technicians, were killed. The plane, a 20-year-old Beech craft, took off for Ranchi at around 9.45 am. It crashed just two minutes later. There was no distress call or communication, say sources. The plane hit the boundary wall of the airport technical area and landed in a sewage treatment plant. The aircraft burst into flames and was almost completely wrecked. A part of it was submerged. Thick smoke rose from the debris. The crash site is close to a railway station and the nearest village is two kilometres away. "We saw a plane spiraling down and crashing near the wall where some labourers were working. A labourer was injured," said a witness. (NDTV)