Baloch-Indian lobby active against Pervaiz Musharaf in London

Baloch-Indian lobby active against Pervaiz Musharaf in London

School of Oriental and African studies made a statement that they were involved in neither the organizing nor the cancelling of the event related to the Pervaiz Musharaf. According to them, a singular student booked a room for the specific date and later withdrew it on their own accord.

In a turn of events a Facebook page Pakistan Solidarity Campaign UK claimed that they, together with likeminded organizations, had approached the university and submitted a letter demanding for the event to be cancelled. 

When the cancellation was announced, they posted a message claiming victory and thanking the progressives in London for supporting their cause.

However, these claims have been denied by the central information secretary of Gen Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League, Sam Ali Dada. Ali Dada said that the event was only postponed for a few days since there was a huge response of people wanting to attend it. 

She further said that General Musharraf will be in London for more than a week. 

Baloch activists celebrated the cancellation while other regretted not being able to see the retired general.

However it has been revealed that the Baloch and the Indian lobby and the like minded liberals organisations in UK have been active against ex President Musharaf in order to malign him and the Pakistan Army.