Veteran Actor Amitabh Bachan slammed by fellow actress

Veteran Actor Amitabh Bachan slammed by fellow actress

NEW DELHI - Indian actress Pooja Bhatt slammed veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan for publicly declining to speak about the Kathua rape case of the eight-year-old Indian Occupied Kashmiri girl Asifa.

Big B was seen portraying the role of a feminist lawyer who advocated for the female rights in the 2016 super hit movie ‘Pink’. However, Amitabh behaved quite differently from reel to real when he was recently asked to speak about the Asifa rape and murder case.

The ‘Sharaabi’ actor said that even talking about the issue feels ‘disgusting’ and asked the journalists not to bring up this topic.

This approach of the superstar did not go down that well with former actress and daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt who asked the veteran actor to practice what he preaches.

I can’t help being reminded of a film called #Pink <link>. Can our images on screen please be reflected in reality? ???? link

— Pooja Bhatt (@PoojaB1972) April 20, 2018 <link>

Seeing her tweets many netizens came after her while some even called her ‘alcoholic’, however, these tweets didn’t bother the 90’s actress at all. Pooja hit back at the trolls and said that she is proud of coming out as an ‘alcoholic in a country where people don’t even acknowledge that they have a drinking problem’.