Queen Elizabeth II snubs Prince Charles publicly for calling her "mummy"

Queen Elizabeth II snubs Prince Charles publicly for calling her

LONDON - Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 92nd birthday with a star-studded charity concert on April 21. The evening saw performances by singers Kylie Minogue, Shaggy and Tom Jones, some speeches, and even three cheers raised by her son Prince Charles. However, the most talked about moment from the grand event was the Queen 's split second reaction to being called 'mummy'.

As the event drew to a close, Prince Charles made a heartfelt birthday speech and led the crowd in a birthday cheer of hip hip hip hooray". He began by addressing the British monarch as "Your Majesty" but quickly shifted gears by calling her "Mummy." The Queen 's reaction at this precise moment has now gone viral on social media. Much to the amusement of the huge crowd, the Queen rolled her eyes and joined everyone in a chuckle.

The greatest eyeroll we have ever seen Thank you @Queen_UK <link> x pic.twitter.com/4ys0PbMtdF <link>

- Capital Yorkshire (@CapitalYorks) April 23, 2018 <link>

Another "Your Majesty, Mummy" moment from Prince Charles as he wishes the Queen a happy birthday pic.twitter.com/K6Nfp7Pq2k <link>

- Rhiannon Mills (@SkyRhiannon) April 21, 2018 <link>

The reaction has gone all kinds of viral on social media.

The queen 's grand birthday celebrations also included her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry, who was accompanied by his fiance, actor Meghan Markle.

The queen typically celebrates her official birthday in June with pomp and her actual birthday, on April 21, in private. This year was a shift from the usual. The concert was held in aid of a new youth charity, The Queen 's Commonwealth Trust. "This organisation in your name will provide a platform for those working to make a difference in their communities across 53 countries. Your Majesty, Happy Birthday," said Prince Harry, who will be the president of the trust.

The queen 's birthday was also marked by a traditional gun salute in Hyde Park and the Tower of London, while at Windsor Castle, the band played "Happy Birthday" during the changing of the guard.