In a first, Afghan Taliban clash with rally against support of Pashtun Tahaafuz Movement PTM


SHARANA - A physical clash broke out between Afghan Taliban and displaced tribesmen in Barmal district of southeastern Pakika province Monday.

The displaced persons wanted to erect a peace tent in support of a nascent Pasthun protection movement in neighboring Pakistan in Laman area of Barmal district, but local Taliban gunmen stopped them from doing so.

An elder of the refugees, Haji Qudratullah from the Wazir tribe, said some 2,000 families from south and north Waziristan of Pakistan lived in Barmal since fleeing a military operation in the region.

He said the refugees wanted to hold a peaceful protest in support of the Pashtun movement in Pakistan, but local Taliban intercepted them, leading to a clash between the sided.

He said four protesting people and two Taliban men were wounded in the clash and the rally did not took place.

Another participant, Issa Khan, said the Taliban did not allow them to hold the rally, but they would emerge again even at the cost of their lives to raise their voice for the movement.

The incident happens a day after the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) held a rally in Lahore.