Salman Khan likely to be arrested: Indian media

Salman Khan likely to be arrested: Indian media

MUMBAI – Bollywood star Salman Khan is likely to be arrested after an FIR was launched against him on court orders.

The Prem of Bollywood film industry star finds himself in trouble again as an FIR is being lodged against him in relation to his upcoming home production* Loveratri*, the title of which was changed to Loveyatri a few days ago.

The Indian Express reported that the case was lodged in the authority of an order passed by Sub Divisional Judicial Magistrate on September 12 against Khan and others associated with the project in near future.

The court had passed the order on the complaint of an advocate Sudhir Kumar Ojha who had alleged that the title of the movie made fun of the holy festival of Navaratri. He had also alleged that the promos of the movie suggested that it contained vulgarity and could hurt sentiments.

The *Wanted* film star was producing the movie slated for release on October 5 – had announced on Twitter a few days ago that the movie’s title has been changed from *Loveratri* to* Loveyatri*.