PM AJK denounces Indian restrictions in IHK

PM AJK denounces Indian restrictions in IHK

Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider has strongly condemned the restrictions imposed by Indian Authorities in Occupied Kashmir on the occasion of Aashura e Muharram. 

In a statement issued in Muzaffarabad, the Prime Minister Azad Kashmir also denounced the restrictions on taking out Aashura processions in the Occupied Territory. 

Raja Farooq Haider regretted that India is usurping religious freedoms of the people through oppression. 

He called upon the International Community to take notice of Indian Restrictions on commemorating religious days in Occupied Kashmir. 

The Prime Minister said, the people of Occupied Territory are following the footsteps of martyrs of Karbala by struggling against Indian suppression.