Indian Army Chief advised not to become a tool of political party

Indian Army Chief advised not to become a tool of political party

ISLAMABAD - Information Minister Chaudhry Fawad Hussain says talks are the only solution to resolve issues between Pakistan and India.

Talking to PTV, he said there is no possibility of war between Pakistan and India as both are nuclear powers.

Information Minister said Pakistan as a peace loving country wants peace and stability in the region as it is in the interest of millions of people of both countries. He said we will continue our efforts towards peace.

Reacting to Indian Army Chief's threatening statements against Pakistan, he said these statements are inappropriate and do not suit his position.

He advised the Indian Army Chief not to become tool of a political party. He should understand that he is not the head of Bharatiya Janata Party.

Meanwhile in a tweet message, the Information Minister rejected war mongering by ruling elite of India as everyone knows that Indian government's strategy is to use hate mongering against Pakistan.

He said Indian Army Chief's statement is aimed at diverting attention of Indian public from mega corruption scandal in Rafael jets deal and to bail out Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi from calls of resignation.

In another interview with a private Channel, Fawad Hussain said Pakistan extended the hand for negotiations but India withdrew its hand.

He said this had exposed real face of India at the international level and highlighted the positive image of Pakistan.

The Information Minister said today Pakistan is standing on the right side of history and it is ready to open the border at Kartarpur.

He said opening of Kartarpur corridor is in the interest of people from Indian Punjab and Pakistan is fully prepared to open the border to facilitate Sikh Yatrees.