India frustrated at Pakistan's rise at international levels

India frustrated at Pakistan's rise at international levels

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is not oblivious of India's nefarious designs to isolate Pakistan in international community.

Indian frustration is obvious because India has failed to achieve its agenda to dominate in the region and suppress the small countries .India is envious of Pakistan's growing economy and worldly favorable attention.

International community knows the true face of India and UN has highlighted the human rights violations committed by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir. India is habitual of using lame excuses and cheap tactics to avoid any positive engagements with Pakistan.

The truth is that Indian position in international community is weak in the case of Kashmir dispute and any dialogues between Pakistan and India will cause embarrassment for India.

The PM of Pakistan gave very sincere offer to end issues through dialogues and normalize relations between two neighboring countries. Unfortunately, India once again missed this great opportunity of regional peace.