1223 MW Balloki power plant: Facts and status update   

1223 MW Balloki power plant: Facts and status update   

LAHORE/BALLOKI: (APP) Water and Power Secretary Muhammad Younas Dhaga said on Thursday 1223-MW Balloki Combined Cycle Power Plant would start working fully from January 2018.

Talking to the media at Balloki plant site, he said that by September next year, the plant would start generating two-thirds of its total capacity, adding that work on the project was continuing at fast pace.

The Balloki Power Plant is a joint-venture of the Harbin Electric International Company Limited and Habib Rafique Private Limited.

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He said that world's best machines were being installed at the plant site. "It will be one of the most efficient power plants in the world with 61.63 per cent efficiency on R-LNG fuel," he added.

He said that more than Rs 100 billion had been saved in setting up on just three new power projects which include Balloki Combined Cycle Power Plant, Haveli Bahadur Shah and Bhikki power plant.

He said that massive savings were being made during installation of the new power plants for the first time which, he added, was only due to sheer transparency in all affairs.

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The per unit cost of the plant would be Rs 6.30, adding that work on various power plants was under way and sincere efforts were being made to overcome the electricity load-shedding problem till 2018.

National Power Parks Management Company Private Limited (NPPMC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rashid Langrial said on the occasion that the cost of generation of the Balloki power plant stands at $469,000 per megawatt, which was lower than those of other power plants.

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"Usually 36 months are needed to set up combined cycle power plant, but this plant was being set up in 27 months," he added.

Earlier, a briefing was given to journalists on the power sector and steps were being taken for ensuring betterment in this regard.

Later, Water and Power Secretary and NPPMC CEO along with Project Manager Li Zan, Site Manager and other officials took along with them journalists to the Balloki power plant site and showed them various sections of the plant.