Sheikh Rashid makes another important statement on Twitter

Sheikh Rashid makes another important statement on Twitter

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has made an earnest plea for a general amnesty concerning those individuals who were incarcerated in connection with the violent events that occurred on May 9.

On Sunday, via his X account, the former minister conveyed his release after a 40-day period of detention. During this time, he expressed that he was unsure of his whereabouts, but he wanted to emphasize that he had not suffered any harm during this period.

Furthermore, he firmly articulated his current sole objective, which is to secure a general amnesty for all individuals who are either in hiding, those who were involved in what he referred to as "mistakes" on May 9, or even the innocent ones who find themselves behind bars.

In a notable departure from his usual approach, Sheikh Rashid called upon the entire nation to rally behind him on his X platform in this peaceful endeavor. He had never made such an appeal on X before but considered it necessary this time, urging people to support his call for a general amnesty for all those who erred on May 9.

In addition to his appeal, Sheikh Rashid announced the launch of this campaign in the coming days and requested the nation's prayers for its success.

A few days prior, the former interior minister had publicly denounced the May 9 incidents. He also disclosed that he had consistently advised Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan to maintain harmonious relations with the military. These remarks were made during an exclusive interview on SAMAA TV's show "Meray Sawal with Muneeb Farooq," which was broadcast on a Friday.

Addressing the mystery of his absence from the political scene following the events of May 9, Sheikh Rashid explained that he had embarked on a "chilla," a 40-day spiritual retreat.