Former first lady Bushra Bibi lands in trouble

Former first lady Bushra Bibi lands in trouble

The Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment conducted a series of raids on Saturday night in an effort to apprehend Ahmed Mujtaba, who happens to be the brother of the former first lady, Bushra Begum. These operations were carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into a corruption case.

These raids took place in various locations, including Sahiwal, Okara, and Pakpattan, all under the cover of darkness on that Saturday night. The focus of the raids was on the residences of former members of provincial and national assemblies. Notably, no arrests were made during these operations.

Among the individuals whose houses were subjected to ACE raids were Rai Hassan Nawaz and Murtaza Iqbal, both members of the National Assembly. Additionally, the residence of former Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Naeem Ibrahim and the political leader Saleem Sadiq were also targeted by the ACE.

Despite the extensive efforts made during these operations, the individuals in question successfully evaded arrest in each case, as indicated in a statement released by the Anti-Corruption Establishment.

Ahmed Mujtaba has been on the radar of the ACE due to his alleged involvement in a corruption scandal that was initiated in 2022. The case revolves around accusations of leasing government land through a front man, making him a person of interest in this ongoing investigation.