Will PTI be allowed to use the 'Bat' symbol?

Will PTI be allowed to use the 'Bat' symbol?

Is Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf eligable for the "Bat" symbol? The Election Commission will announce a secure decision regarding the intra-party elections of the PTI.

According to the cause list, the decision will be announced by the Election Commission at 12:00 PM. The Election Commission had issued a notice to the PTI on August 2nd regarding the intra-party elections, questioning why the PTI should not be declared ineligible for the symbol.

During the hearing, PTI's lawyer Barrister Gohar explained that amendments were made to the party constitution before the intra-party elections, and later, we withdrew the amendments.

The decision on the request to reclaim the electoral symbol of the PTI has been reserved. Election Commission's DD Laiqat Saima Jangju stated that the Election Commission has the authority to disqualify the PTI in this case.

The Election Commission had reserved the decision on PTI's intra-party election on September 13th.