Over 600,000 vehicles in Pakistan to be converted to electric saving $2 billion annually for national economy

Over 600,000 vehicles in Pakistan to be converted to electric saving $2 billion annually for national economy

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Thursday said Karachi based automobile manufacturers had developed successful Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion kits that would help the country save $2 billion in oil import bills.

The adviser was addressing a press conference along with Pakistan Electric Vehicles and Parts Manufacturers and Traders Association (PEVPMTA) members here.

He said: “Electric Vehicle Policy is going to boost battery manufacturing industry in the country as the charged vehicles completely run on lithium batteries. China is manufacturing 90 percent of the world’s technology comprising lithium on batteries and Pakistan will definitely benefit from their experience in this regard.”

Amin told that during his recent visit to Karachi it was encouraging to know that the auto-manufacturers had successfully developed conversion kits for fuel run vehicles. “A motorcycle can be converted for Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 and the price for retrofitting of three wheeler rickshaws and cars varies from vehicle to vehicle,” he added.

The adviser highlighted that there were four main reasons behind adopting the electric vehicle policy that had been approved by the federal cabinet.

“First, transport emissions comprise 40 percent of our total air pollution where electric vehicles are going to reduce it to 70 percent. Second, electric vehicles are going to provide cheap transport as its expenditure cost will be 30 percent less than fuel based automobiles. Third, Pakistan’s import is largely occupied by oil bill as successful conversion on electric vehicles would help the country save US$ 2 billion and lastly, electric vehicles are going to bring a new revolution for eco-friendly industrial development which is necessary for the country to beat climate change,” he said.

Amin said the government’s aim was to get 500,000 rickshaws and motorbikes to be converted on electric vehicles including 100,000 cars in the next four years.

He said: “I have discussed with the Japanese Ambassador to collaborate with Pakistan for electric vehicle conversion whereas Japan has vowed to assist us with Honda and Suzuki to shift on electric vehicles. In India, Suzuki and Honda have jointly developed first electric vehicle which is an encouraging precedent for Pakistan to take advantage from these leading companies.”

The adviser said: “We are negotiating to convert 250 buses on electric technology where 100 buses under Karachi Metro would have conversion on electric batteries where BRT Peshawar would get electric hybrid cars.”

Electric Vehicle policy would help in establishing electric motorbike and rickshaw manufacturing industries as in Lahore a prototype model of two-wheeler electric motorbike had been developed successfully. “Our aim is to convert 30 percent of the total transport over electric vehicles by 2030,” said Malik Amin Aslam.