Rain, snowfall in GB increases cold intensity

Rain, snowfall in GB increases cold intensity

PESHAWAR: The cold wave have gripped the entire Gilgit-Baltistan region as torrential rain and snowfall have increased cold intensity, restricted people to stay at homes.

According to met office, the temperature down due to heavy rain and snowfall in the Upper Gilgit-Baltistan increased the cold waves.

The snowfall on the hills top were completely blanketed by snow as Ion Rama and Devoshai there was 4 inches to two feet snow fall reported.

There were also report that the snowfall continue at Babu Sar and Chelum tops and Nangapatbat while the Chalas City was hit by heavy rain that compelled the people to confined to their homes.

Due to tough snow weather, the shopkeepers also doubled the prices of the editable commodities.