K-IV project to complete in June

K-IV project to complete in June

KARACHI: The first phase of the Karachi BulkWater Supply Project K-IV would complete in June next yearwhereas the second phase would also be initiated soon.

This was announced by the Sindh Governor, MuhammadZubair, on Tuesday.

He was speaking at the inaugural session of an internationalwater moot here.

The Governor also pointed out that the Karachi DevelopmentPackage also includes the project for the provision of cleandrinking water.

He said that water is inevitable for the human life as wellas for the economic development.

Zubair was of the view that awareness campaign for thesignificance of water and usage was the need of the hourespecially for the growers to use this precious commodity inaccordance with their requirement.

He also underlined the needs for steps for ensuringconservation of water.

The Governor suggested that a national plan be devised andnecessary steps be taken in all the provinces. There should alsobe effective coordination among the provincial government andlocal bodies.

He said that as compared to 2013 the law and order inKarachi now was much better and in this regard he acknowledgedthe role of law enforcement agencies (LEAs).

Zubair said that participation for foreign delegates alsosuggests the improvement in law and order situation in thismetropolis.

He stated that the conference would prove beneficial forpreserving and conservation of water.