Hamid Karzai lashes our at US Forces strikes in Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai lashes our at US Forces strikes in Afghanistan

KABUL - The former Afghan President strongly reacted at the recent US airstrikes jointly conducted by the Afghan forces in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan, claiming that several civilians were killed in one of the airstrikes.

The Office of the former President in a statement said the former President Hamid Karzai expresses grief and concerns regarding the death of all ten members of a single family in Mosa Qala airstrike.

Condemning the alleged civilian deaths in strongest words, Karzai said such airstrikes by the US forces demonstrates the clear violation of US forces in the Afghan soil.

The statement further added that Karzai once calls for immediate halt of airstrikes on Afghan homes and villages.

This comes as the Afghan and US forces launched a campaign against the Taliban drugs labs in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan on Monday.

The Afghan government says the airstrikes have been carried out in line with the government’s strategy to eliminate the income sources of the insurgents and terrorists which mainly comes from the illicit drugs production and smuggling.

The commander of the NATO-led Resolute Support and US forces in Afghanistan General John Nicholson said the U.S. and Afghan forces conducted a series of strikes over the past 24 hours against Taliban drug labs, to target the revenue streams of the terrorists.

Gen. Nicholson further added that the combined operations struck seven Taliban drug labs and one command-and-control node in northern Helmand province.

“Specifically, in striking northern Helmand and the drug enterprises there, we’re hitting the Taliban where it hurts, which is their finances,” he said.