CPEC: Indigenous Pakistani drone to monitor CPEC

CPEC: Indigenous Pakistani drone to monitor CPEC

KARACHI: Pakistan has launched another state of the art drone to monitor the CPEC project.

CPEC security: Pakistan to launch satellite for the security of CPEC project

A private Pakistani company, which designed and produced the country’s first drone called ‘Buraq’, has now come up with an even advanced drone aircraft technology, which can remain in the air for up to 15-hours and be utilised for surveillance of development projects among other uses.

“The best civilian application of the long range aerial surveillance aircraft {Arrow} is that it is capable of monitoring and making secure trade via the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” said Raja Sabri Khan, Chief Executive at Integrated Dynamics.

CPEC security: Punjab Police SPU tasked to protect CPEC

The aircraft, which can be operated via remote control, has been put on display at the defence weapons exhibition, IDEAS 2016, which is to get under way on Tuesday (today).