Pakistan-China Relations through the lens of history

Pakistan-China Relations through the lens of history

MIRPUR (AJK), (APP): Pakistan-China Relations through the lens of history


The ever-lasting deep-rooted friendly and brotherly relations between the two neighboring countries of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Peoples Republic of China are crystal clear to the entire world as model of true friendship.


These bilateral relations between both of the countries always stood with the high decorum  with  the ever-existing reality  and spirit of its categorical status of  higher than Himalaya and Deeper than Sea.


It could be assessed through the reality that Beijing always firmly stood united with Islamabad at all times as and when needed both in peace and emergency hours.


Likewise Pakistan always responded to China in the same way of deep-rooted love and affection being a true friendly and brotherly country.


China always had a declared policy towards Kashmir dispute, and always maintained that people of Kashmir should be given the right to decide their political future as enshrined in United Nations Security Council resolutions and road map provided in United Nations commission on India and Pakistan in 1948-49.


In United Nations in modern times China is the only member of Security Council who not only defended Pakistan position on Kashmir but also stopped all those moves aimed at maligning Pakistan with terrorism by India.


At least 5 polices of China impinge on Kashmir issue and these policies included   China's decelerated position on Kashmir issue, Chines demonstration of security support to Pakistan in times of its confrontation with India, Study and substantial support to development Pakistan's military Industrial capabilities, China's huge investment in Pakistanis development sector  and Chins's pro Pakistan and Kashmir position.


China as emerging world economic power in future will have very important and vital role in shaping international discourses and time tested and strong Pakistan China, relations one could expect that in future China's influence on international affairs People of Kashmir will benefit and Kashmir issue will be resolved according to wishes of the  people of Jammu & Kashmir.


One more important point is it is only because of China,  that India has so for failed to secure a permanent seat in United Nations Security Council (UNSC), although several of the  western countries  wanted to pave the way for Indian inclusion in the UNSC. But Delhi's all untiring move to step in to the UNSC as its permanent member have gone flopped only because of Beijing.


The completion and execution of the CPEC will, indeed, bring about a green revolution of exceptional economic progress and prosperity in both of the friendly countries with emerging of China a superpower in all respect  coupled with the renewed spirit of everlasting strong brotherly relations with Pakistan-being emerged as a strong economic power in the region following the upcoming completion of the grand project of CPEC.