Israel formally admits bombing of the site

Israel formally admits bombing of the site

Israel's Military has formally Admitted that it destroyed a suspected Syrian Nuclear Reactor in 2007.

It said the air raid in the Eastern Deir-al-Zour Region had removed "an emerging existential threat to Israel and the entire Region".

It said the reactor was close to being completed. It is long been thought Israel was responsible, but it never acknowledged this until now.

Syria has repeatedly denied that the bombed site was a Nuclear Reactor.

The Admission comes after Israeli Military Censors lifted an order banning officials from discussing the operation.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has said in the past that the site was "very likely" to have been a Nuclear Reactor.

It has also suggested that it was being built with the help of North Korea.

Syria, which has joined the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, has denied this. APP/AFP