Samsung expands support for mask producers amid pandemic

Samsung expands support for mask producers amid pandemic

ISLAMABAD-SEOUL,Samsung Electronics Co. said Monday it has globally expanded its support program for mask manufacturers so that more protective equipment can be produced against the novel coronavirus.

The South Korean tech giant said it recently sent engineers to Polish mask producer PTAK and shared its production know-how.

By enhancing factory layouts and manufacturing processes, PTAK's daily mask production volume has tripled to 69,000 units, according to Samsung.

Samsung, the world's largest memory chip and smartphone maker, previously operated such a support program for local mask and test kit makers.

Samsung said local mask producers were able to see a 51 percent increase in their production volume after adopting its productivity solutions.

Since 2018, Samsung has been working with the Korea Federation of SMEs and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups to support 2,500 small companies adopting smart factory solutions and expanding their overseas sales channels over the next five years.(YONHAP/APP)