Rs 56b tax relief a mega step of PTI govt: Mian Aslam

Rs 56b tax relief a mega step of PTI govt: Mian Aslam

ISLAMABAD-Provincial Industries and Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal said on Monday that provision of Rs 56 billion tax relief for promoting small business was a mega and commendable step of the government.

Talking to a delegation of party workers here, he said that global economy including Pakistan’s economy had been adversely affected due to coronavirus pandemic and it had speedily spread in Pakistan due to adopting irresponsible behaviors. It was not possible to impede its spread without public cooperation, he said and added the PTI government was wisely coping up with the challenges of coronavirus and the revival of  economy.

The Minister urged that people should not pay heed to any rumors and act upon SOPs issued by the government to protect themselves from coronavirus. He emphasized that the masses had to be saved both from coronavirus pandemic and hunger at the same time, asserting that masses were fighting with danger of coronavirus while the opposition was doing politics on the coronavirus pandemic. He siad the PML-N duped the masses under the garb of making progress and looted the rights of the poor segment of society. He lamented that the corruption committed by PML-N and coronavirus pandemic had put a heavy strain on the national economy.

The minister condemned that masses were deprived of basic facilities because of loot and plunder committed by the previous rulers, adding that PTI was fighting a war against corruption and corrupt mafia. He vowed, "Under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, we will purge the country of corruption once and for all." He opined that opposition instead of doing politics on coronavirus should stand by the masses in this hour of distress and agony. He said that every segment of the society would have to play its proactive role to cope with massive coronavirus challenge.

Aslam Iqbal urged the masses to change their lifestyles and incorporate precautionary measures as part of their lives.