PM Imran invites Pakistani community to take benefit of investment opportunities in Pakistan

PM Imran invites Pakistani community to take benefit of investment opportunities in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked expatriate Pakistani community in the United States to take advantage of investment opportunities in Pakistan.

He was addressing a Trade and Investment Conference in Washington DC on Monday.

The Prime Minister said our focus is to revive industries and ensure ease of doing business which was neglected in the past.

Imran Khan said one window operation is being started at the Prime Minister Secretariat to facilitate the expatriate Pakistanis interested to invest in Pakistan. Besides giving them voting right, we are also considering to allow the overseas Pakistanis to contest the elections.

The Prime Minister said Pakistan is not a weak country but it has the potential to excel given its geo strategic location and young population.  He said our focus is on wealth creation. We are giving special emphasis to the agriculture sector as this sector ensures immediate returns. He pointed out that Pakistan has signed an agreement with China to uplift this sector. He said China is bringing technology to Pakistan and helping it in seed development as well as cage fishing.  We are thinking out of box to attract investment in the country.

The Prime Minister said efforts are afoot to exploit the country's hidden potential in the tourism sector. We are opening twenty new tourist resorts.

Imran Khan said Pakistan has great expectations from the expatriate community. He said a strong and prosperous Pakistan is also important and prove to be beneficial for the expatriate community.

The Prime Minister said Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and China are showing their great interest for investment in Pakistan as they see Pakistan very differently in the context of young population.  He said similarly, the land locked central Asian states are looking towards Gwadar for their trade.