Mohsin Abbas reacts to wife's serious allegations

Mohsin Abbas reacts to wife's serious allegations

LAHORE: Pakistan's showbiz personality Mohsin Abbas Haider,  who has been accused of domestic violence and cheating wife Fatima Sohail,   reacted to all the allegations against him in a press conference held on Sunday in Lahore.

Reacting to Fatima's  claims that she was "dragged," "kicked," and "punched" by him [Mohsin Abbas] when she was pregnant, the actor denied all the allegations, saying: "Whatever she [Fatima Sohail] said, is not  true, adding that  I never touched her. "

Mohsin Abbas Haider went on to say that Fatima Sohail is "trying to play the woman card". However, he accepted: "It is true that I have had anger issues in the past but I’m a changed man.”

"A few months after the wedding, we both had realised that this marriage should not have happened", claimed the actor.

When asked if he had any hard feeling towards Sohail and if the couple could still reconcile, the actor said: "I don’t hold anything against her, she’s a troubled woman and the only way forward is divorce."

The actor  said that he made his mind up to divorce his wife a while ago but was unable to do so and could only get a separation, adding that once their son was born, he decided not to opt for divorce and went for separation instead. “I would see my son’s face and think… fine I’ll stay for his sake.”

According to the actor, his wife refused to accept a separation from him. “I craved for a family life and wanted to marry a second wife.”

He said that Sohail did not agree to him taking a second wife. “I don’t know if it was jealousy or something but she didn’t want me to go through with it under any circumstances.”

The actor alleged that his wife, who was angered at him wanting to marry again, came with their children to his home at midnight saying she would not leave him alone until he puts a property in her name.

Denying all the allegations, Haider  said that his wife’s accusations are all a part of a conspiracy against him being carried out by his “enemies” in the showbiz industry.

Haider further said that he has been raised by a family that has taught him how to respect women.

He said that a fake Facebook reply by his name is being shared on social media to his wife’s assault allegations post. “The passwords to all of my social media accounts are with her [Sohail], not with me.”

When asked about his wife’s claims that he was having an extramarital affair, the actor said: “There is no truth into this whatsoever.”

It is to mention here that FIR has been registered against actor Mohsin Abbas Haider for assaulting his wife.

Some Showbiz celebrities have also come forward to second the  Sohail claims as according to them they had witnessed his angry behavior towards his wife.

While on the other hand,  few of the actors have strongly condemned the alleged misconduct of the actor   towards his wife.


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