Mohsin Abbas Haider's wife Fatima Sohail reacts to his press conference

Mohsin Abbas Haider's wife Fatima Sohail reacts to his press conference

After levelling serious allegations of domestic abuse and violence against eminent celebrity Mohsin Abbas Haider, wife Fatima Sohail opened up about the ordeal she was made to go through at the hands of the actor-singer after he held a presser on the issue Sunday night.

Speaking in morning show, Fatima said she did not want to go public with the unpleasant incident of domestic violence initially.

However, she asserted that she was 'dragged, punched and kicked' by the Na Maloom Afrad actor when she was pregnant.

"I have also shared the images of my battered, bruised face after Mohsin beat me. I have said it time and again that the pictures are of the time when I was pregnant," Fatima said.

She added, "He is trying to confuse the public. Seeking treatment for depression and anger issues is another thing and beating a woman black and blue is another. He is just trying to scam the people."

"Dua Malik is the eye witness to everything that has been happening with me for the last three years," Fatima added further.

"It is true that I had turned up at his door with our son because I wanted him to assume full responsibility of his child. He had blocked all my numbers and there was no contact between us even when I was in labour. He knew about the expected time of the birth of his son and he had still opted to remain distant, turning a blind eye to all his responsibilities."

Fatima went on to reveal that Nazish Jehangir (the woman accused of having an extra marital affair with Mohsin) had admitted to being involved with a married man.

"My only regret is that I had demanded her to stay away from Mohsin when my own husband was a cheating, vile person. He has stooped to new lows by assassinating my character and using the name of my dead daughter in the entire scenario for sympathy."

Fatima went on to say that the only thing she wants from Mohsin is to provide and care for his son.

"I only intend to provide my son with all his legitimate rights by his father," she asserted.