PTI forward bloc censure KP Govt over corruption

PTI forward bloc censure KP Govt over corruption

PESHAWAR: (APP) A meeting of the PTI's dissidents in National Assembly and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly here on Friday observed that the party which voted for bringing change in KP, has in fact deviated from its manifesto as corruption and other malpractices in the governance system were still intact as it existed during the previous regimes.

The meeting held at the residence of Yasin Khalil MPA was attended by over 20 dissident MNAs and MPAs belonging to PTI from across the province and Fata. Those attended included MNAs Junaid Akbar, Col Amirullah Marwat, Khyal Zaman Orakzai, Sajid Nawaz, Dawar Khan Kundi, advisor to chief minister Shakil Khan, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Abdul Haq, Yasin Khalil, Amjid

Khan Afridi, Qurban Ali Khan, Jamshid Mohmand, Babar Saleem and others.

The meeting demanded the party Chief Imran Khan to curb corruption in the provincial government as majority of the disgruntled participants who explicitly expressed their views during the course of meeting and took to task the KP coalition government led by PTI. They complained that Pervez Khattak and his cabinet failed to overcome the problems of corruption, unjust distribution of development funds.

The meeting expressed concern over slow accountability process in the province. They also expressed reservations over unjust distribution of the development funds.

MNA Col (Retd) Ameerullah Khan Marwat and MNA Khial Zaman Aurakzai told APP by phone after the meeting that they sat today for saving the party's constitution and manifesto which has been trampled down during the three years PTI's government in the province.

Favoritism, corruption and other mal practices still existed in the PTI led government in KP and if the same trend continued then what difference was left between us and the ANP, PPP leadership.

People would never vote for us in the next elections if we could not mend our way of politics, they added.

"We will meet the same fate like the ANP and PPP if we could not deliver in the province," they said adding, "we are loyal to the party, we are not against Imran Khan but we want rapid change as we are against the status quo."

We are doing all this for betterment of the people of the province, they said adding, so much so the development funds were not being utilized judiciously in the province as the ADP has been diverted to only few blue eyed districts.

When asked as to what decisions were made in the meeting Col (Retd) Ameerullah Khan Marwat said "We are still bound not to disclose the decisions taken in the meeting," however he explained everything will be cleared in a week's time.

MNA Khial Zaman Aurakzai told that the meeting made a firm demand from the Party Chief to restore the Provincial Ehtisab Commission headed by Lt. General Hamid Khan who was sacked by the KP government after he opened corruption cases against some PTI's big wigs.

To another query he maintained that certainly we are not happy from the performance of the PTI government that's why "we sat today and held marathon sitting over the matters that was ruining the image of the party in the province."

Aurakzai also complained of massive corruption in the government departments and unfair distribution of the development outlay which he said has been diverted towards the districts of the Chief Minister, Speaker, JI Amir Sirajul and Local government Minister Inayatullah Khan.