Pakistani PM Imran Khan seeks complete support from religious scholars over Anti Israel Policy

Pakistani PM Imran Khan seeks complete support from religious scholars over Anti Israel Policy

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan met with the delegation of Ulema and religious scholars on Thursday.

During the meeting, the ulema and religious scholars hailed the prime minister's categorical and unequivocal stance regarding Israel.

The religious scholars were appreciative of the prime minister for truly representing the feelings of Pakistani nation and the entire Muslim Ummah at the forum of the UN by taking a firm stance on the sanctity of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Sallam Khatim un Nabiyeen and the issue of Islamophobia.

Alluding to the vision of Prime Minister for transforming Pakistan as per the principles of State of Madina, the religious scholars said they stand shoulder to shoulder with him on the matter and assured full cooperation to turn Pakistan into an Islamic welfare state. They also appreciated the government's efforts to bring improvements in the seminaries including through lacing their curriculum as per the modern day requirements.

Commending the government's steps for the protection of minorities, the religious scholars said at present the minorities in Pakistan consider themselves safe but the minorities in India are not secure.

The religious scholars said the Islamic world sees Prime Minister Imran Khan as a genuine leader of the Muslim Ummah for effectively raising the issues of Islamophobia and Kashmir dispute at the world level.

On the occasion, the premier also called for continued cooperation of religious scholars to thwart the nefarious conspiracies of creating division and discord in the Muslim Ummah. He said the religious scholars have a pivotal role to transform Pakistan into a genuine Islamic welfare state.

Commending the role played by the Ulema to cope with the issues of sectarianism and extremism, PM Khan said the process of consultations with the religious scholars will continue in order to take their guidance to address the challenges faced by the country