Pakistan seeks diplomatic success at top UN forum

Pakistan seeks diplomatic success at top UN forum

NEW YORK – The United Nations on Thursday adopted a Pakistan-sponsored resolution calling for the protection of religious sites, the state media reported on Friday.

Pakistan's envoy to the UN, in a tweet, expressed happiness that the UN General Assembly adopted the consensus resolution.

"Pakistan will continue to play a leading role in denouncing violent attacks on religious sites," said Akram.

The resolution was co-sponsored by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other OIC countries and adopted by consensus.

The resolution condemns all acts of threats of violence, destruction and damage directed against religious sites that have continued to occur across the world, especially in India.

The resolution also denounces any move to obliterate or forcibly convert any religious sites, reports Radio Pakistan.

The resolution expresses concerns on the rise of racial and religious intolerance and negative stereotyping of religions and condemns any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that promotes discrimination, hostility or violence.