Pakistan put on high alert after Coronavirus outbreak in China

Pakistan put on high alert after Coronavirus outbreak in China

Islamabad: The outbreak of Coronavirus in China has put all neighboring countries including Pakistan on high alert after it is clear that this virus spreads through direct contact with an infected person.

According to details, Pakistan National Health Services Department has issued advisory indicating risks associated with the risk of its spread in Pakistan.

As per issued statement, all passengers arriving from China would have to undergo a medical checkup for which special counters would be constituted on the airports.

On the other hand, Chinese authorities have also advised its people to stop travel into and out of China to stop the outbreak that has killed nine people so far.

The authorities have also confirmed that human-to-human transmission of the virus took place.

The center of outbreak is the Chinese city of Wuhan, home to around 8.9 million people. The new virus has spread from Wuhan to several Chinese provinces, as well as the Thailand, US and South Korea.

The health officials are taking significant measures to contain the virus, while instructing people to follow precautionary measures.

There are now approximately 440 confirmed cases of the outbreak that began from a market with illegal wildlife in Wuhan.

The health authorities have declared country at the "most critical stage" of prevention and control.