14 Turkish Army soldiers killed in Syria

14 Turkish Army soldiers killed in Syria

ISTANBUL (APP): A total of 14 Turkish soldiers were killed and 33 wounded Wednesday in attacks by Islamic State (IS) extremists in Syria as the military backs rebels seeking to take the town of Al Bab from the extremists, the army said.

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The toll, the heaviest single day loss for the Turkish army in its Syria operation that started in August, came in fighting with extremists that included three suicide car bomb attacks, the army added in a statement quoted by Turkish media.

Four soldiers were killed in attacks earlier in the day, the army had previously announced.

Another 10 were killed later Wednesday.

The fierce fighting erupted as Turkish officials said the army was entering into a key phase in the fight for Al Bab.

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The army said the clashes erupted around a weapons depot that had been used by IS for the last two years.

It said that 138 IS extremists were killed in the fighting.